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Bins have been made out of such diverse materials as:

  •  Spoiled bales of hay

  •  Wooden pallets

  •  Aluminum above-ground swimming pool walls

  •  Discarded rabbit hutch

  •  Old bricks or cinder blocks

  •  Snow fencing

  •  Old trash cans

trash cans

Trash Can

wooden slats

Wooden Slat

wire bin

Wire Bin

cement block

Cement Block




Three Bin













  • 1.5" x .75" (or larger) Lumber Pieces. 2 pieces 22" long. 2 pieces 38.5" long. Use scrap lumber or buy the cheapest wood they have that doesn't have too many splinters

  • .25" galvanized mesh. 24" wide. 41" long. (I could only find mesh 24" wide. This didn't give me room to wrap the mesh over the sides. I strongly recommend you get mesh wide enough to wrap over the edge if you can find it.)

  • Carpenter's Glue

  • 8 Screws

  • .75" wide Wooden Screen Edging. 2 pieces 24" long. (Also get 2 pieces 38.5" long if you can wrap mesh over long sides of screen.)

  • Staples

  • Short Nails

Measure wheelbarrow, Cut boards, Sand splinters, Make square frame, Attach mesh, Cover edge of mesh with screen edging



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