The High Country Xeriscape Council of Arizona is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation dedicated to educating our communities about water-wise gardening. For additional information write:


4397 E AZ Highway 260

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On Thursday, October 19th, the Board of Directors of Gila Commu



On Thursday, October 19th, 2006 the Board of Directors of Gila Community College approved naming the demonstration garden, “The Ed Lydic Memorial Xeriscape Garden”.

Ed Lydic lived in the Payson area from 1986 until his death in 2003. He and his wife Carol attained their Master Gardener status in May 1999 and were instrumental in the creation of the Northern Gila County Master Gardeners who initiated the 3-county annual garden conference which travels between Gila, Yavapai and Coconino counties. In the spring of 1999 he and his wife represented the Master Gardener class in participating with the fledgling High Country Xeriscape Council which was planning its first Xeriscape Festival which was held in April 1999. During that process they were invited to join the Xeriscape Council, a membership he retained until his death.

Before his death in 2003 Ed Lydic worked diligently to bring this demonstration garden to the Rim Country.

During the following four years he was involved, he participated in the planning and implementation of all the Xeriscape Festivals where he was responsible for fundraising, among other things. He joked about merchants diving under their counters when he came into their stores because he was always asking for money! He did this in support of the Xeriscape program and Master Gardeners to support the community and college in its endeavors.

It became clear in 2001 that in order to function as a true Council it was necessary for the organization to attain nonprofit status through the IRS. Ed and his wife Carol were instrumental in its formal organization, including writing of the Bylaws, getting the Articles of Incorporation approved by the State of Arizona, and securing 501(a) nonprofit status from the IRS. After that time he worked diligently designing and implementing a xeric garden for the high country public. This was all accomplished in a little over a year.

Ed was deeply involved in the actual work, organizing and helping with work days as the garden grew from a patio area at the local Community College where there is public access to the area. Actual work on the garden took nearly a year to complete, and the Garden was dedicated on October 4, 2003, with local dignitaries present for the ceremony. Ed died unexpectedly October 22, 2003. Monies in his memory were dedicated to the Xeriscape Council for their use in his memory. A xeric section was created at the local library with donations from the Council and the Council retained funds for future use.  In 2006 the Council opted to use these funds to support the expense of providing print materials in the Kiosk at the garden.



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